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Semi Trailers Explained : Which Type to Buy

With so many different types of trailers on the road today, it’s important to know what the best trailer is for certain requirements, and which is best for your needs. For instance, the right trailer is dependent on the type of load you need to carry, its dimensions and its weight.   If you’re already thinking “What trailer should I buy?”, here is a list of the most common types of trailers in the industry to facilitate your choice.  

Essential Safety Driving Tips for Truck Drivers this Winter

Operating heavy trucks and trailers during winter can be dangerous if drivers are not prepared. Winter driving requires specific skills and an adapted driving style that adheres to road safety in poor weather conditions. Apart from sensible manoeuvring and correct skid control techniques, driving safely on slippery roads demands knowledge and preventative safety skills.   Below there are some tips to follow so you remain safe on the roads this winter: 1.

Used cargo trailers and trucks for sale: Buying Guide (Part 2)

  While there are some basic steps to follow when looking for a used truck or trailer, there are also plenty more factors and policies to consider e.g. the wear and tear policy. From an operational perspective, the vehicle’s past and current status, as well as the future maintenance and upgrades must been taken into consideration. A handful of components to check during the mechanical inspection of the vehicle are mentioned below.